Colloquia Foundation has been originated by the need of the founders and supporting friends to give back to the Community the good, the trust, the concrete support and the values for living received free of charge by the many people met along the life.

To make this path of restitution sustainable, Colloquia aims to support and facilitate the learning of personal and professional skills and, moreover, of the relational assets value to contribute to the quality and quantity of life improvement.

Focus and lines of intervention will be addressed to the following activities:

  1. Promotion, support and facilitation of scientific research for the development of learning skills.

Research programs, promotion and dissemination of new forms of supporting models belonging to innovative organizations oriented to people empowerment, with particular regard to research programs having an applicative character with universities and national and international institutions.

  1. Protection, promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage and volunteering culture and practices.

Promotion and dissemination of the culture and practices of volunteering, protection, support to people at local, national and international level, on its own or with the collaboration of other subjects. Organization of seminars, meetings, debates, conferences, conventions, training, refresher courses, specialization and / or qualification courses, cultural exchanges, research, consulting, innovative experiments.

  1. Education, vocational education and training, equal opportunities, promotion and protection of human rights.

Training and support activities for young people, adults, bodies and organizations, in response to specific requests and needs. The tools and method of self-training will be based on existential and professional experiences, for the inspiration and motivation of the participants. The facilitators of the programs and interventions will be chosen from mature experts recognized nationally and internationally, who are themselves passionate about the interaction and development of relationships to facilitate the exchange of values to maximize the quality and effectiveness of learning.


Given the universal dimension of the Foundation, English will be the predominant language. All Training Programs and Interventions provided by the Foundation will be subject to Evaluation and Feedback by the Participants.

All the above activities are carried out through the initial funding of the founders and the subsequent collection of private and public funds.




Mauro Bonafè – Founder & President

Maria Rita TerraccianoCo-Founder

Christopher Alexander Roach

Antonella Tagliabue

Isidora Díaz Heredia



Maria Ester Bonafè


Via XXIV Maggio 2
Frazione Cerreto Ratti
15060 Borghetto di Borbero, Alessandria, Italy